Our story

Financial crimes information center FCIC was created in 2018 with the mandate to provide financial and criminal justice for victims of financial fraud.

Unfortunately, millions of unsuspecting, innocent, and hardworking people from all over the world fall victim to fraud. Financial losses from fraud runs into billions of dollars annually and continues to grow exponentially. The emotional and psychological toll on the victims of fraud are immeasurable. Governments and financial institutions lack the manpower and “street smart” to track down and prosecute these fraudsters.

Victims of fraud are left with the burden of spending more money to track down and pursue justice for the wrongs committed against them. Most often the victims of fraud are so financially depleted, that they are unable to hire the best financial and criminal attorneys to pursue their case, that is why we created financial crimes information center to support victims of fraud in their long fight for justice.

Financial Crimes Information Center (FCIC) is staffed with financial analyst, legal, law enforcement and technology experts from The United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Nigeria and Ghana and we hope to continuously expand our campaign to more countries all over the world.

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